MidWest Materials was founded in 1952 in Cleveland, Ohio. We are proud to be a family-owned and operated business for 71 years, currently in its third generation of family leadership.

Growing from a one room sales office to our current 240,000 square foot facility, MidWest is recognized as a leading carbon flat rolled steel processer and distributor providing customers throughout North America with hot rolled , hot rolled pickled and oiled , coated, and cold rolled steel products.

In 2012, we completed a multi-year, multi-million dollar expansion that will help MidWest and our customers meet the ever evolving standards of our industry. While we are always looking to the future to improve our company and our service to our customers, we are also proud of our rich past and remain committed to our founding principles stressing dedication to building and maintaining long lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees.

To learn more about the history of MidWest Materials, we invite you to
view our timeline below:
1952: Company Founding

MidWest Materials was founded by Joseph Koppelman, along with brother Harry Koppelman and Eugene Fant. It began as a small steel sales office in Cleveland, Ohio.

1956: First Move

MidWest moved to a new location on Abbey Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio and added processing and warehousing facilities.

1960: A Growing Company

Due to rapid growth, MidWest moved to an 11-acre facility on Cleveland’s east side on East 90th Street
to accommodate the need for a larger warehouse and better rail and truck access.

1969: Arrival in Perry, Ohio

Due to continued success and growth, MidWest acquired 70-acres and a 26,000 square foot warehouse
at its current location in Perry, Ohio.

1974: Consolidation

MidWest consolidated the remaining Cleveland operations into the Perry facilities.

1977:  Improvements

MidWest added two office buildings and increased the warehouse to 100,000 square feet.

1979: Additions

A separate 40,000 square foot warehouse was constructed to store and distribute
cold finished bars, and later galvanized steel.

1995: NextGen

Noreen Koppelman Goldstein was named President.

1997: Major Expansion

The Perry, Ohio location was expanded to add new offices, a maintenance building and additional warehouse space to cover 240,000 square feet.

2002: Third Generation

Brian Robbins was named Chief Executive Officer.

2011: Stretching Forward

MidWest added North America’s largest and most advanced Leveltek Stretch Leveling System providing
the capability to meet memory-free steel needs up to 5/8 inches thick and 100 inches wide for high precision manufacturing processes.

2012: Looking to the Future ­

MidWest celebrated it's 60-year anniversary with the completion of a multi-million dollar capital improvement project which included property, facility, technology and equipment upgrades, energy efficient lighting, and additions to the truck fleet. MidWest also completed its rebranding and introduced a new corporate logo.

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