Stretch Leveling

MidWest Materials is home to North America's largest and most advanced Leveltek Stretch Leveling System, providing unmarked, flat, memory-free, cut sheet steel up to 5/8" thick and up to 100" wide. With the growing need to meet the demands of precision and high-efficiency manufacturing processes, such as laser and plasma cutting, memory-free steel is quickly becoming the product of choice.

Our stretch leveling system combines the benefits of corrective leveling with stretch leveling. Corrective levelers work the steel to remove coil-set or cross-bow. Systems that only have a flattener and not a corrective leveler may remove the steel's memory, but run the risk of not getting the steel completely
flat across the width.

Additional highlights include a unique gripping system that leaves steel sheets unmarked.

Our line has no nickname and no gimmicks, just 2.8 million pounds of force that produces unmarked,
flat, memory-free steel. We invite you to experience the difference today!

  • 80,000 lb. inbound coil capacity (HR, HRPO, CR)
  • Stretch levels widths from 24" to 100" wide
  • Stretch levels .054" to .640"
  • Produces flat, memory-free sheets
  • Equalizes stresses to eliminate spring back
  • Ideal for commercial, structural, high strength and ultra-high strength steel
  • Line features dual in-line corrective levelers to remove coil-set and cross-bow
  • Light gauge corrective leveler .054" to .265"
  • Heavy gauge corrective leveler .170" to .640"
  • Unique non-marking gripping technology
  • Length control allows a sheet tolerance of plus or minus .125"
  • Maximum sheet length of 650"
  • Maximum exit bundle weight 20,000 lbs.
  • Stenciling capabilities



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